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Social media Fundaising has shifted the way people used to used to raise-Funds for a cause. Write your story and a single click from any location will easily bring the help needed from friends, family, and even world wishers across the world. Join the millions of others who are already using acodaweb platform to enjoy the benefits of using social media to let the wold. Know their story and support them.

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mercykay Aubiiii

Hello every one,i am writing to inform you all that i will run for office next t...

$0 Raised 0%

Goal $7,000

Lets End Drought Together

Briza A

Lets end Drought in Middle East

$35,298 Raised 9%

Goal $410,000

Food for the local voluntees

Briza A

Let's all help and ssupport our local water water suply voluntees.

$4,205 Raised 71%

Goal $5,900

Promote a weather and tv station

Ken Thai

I will first start by thanking acodaweb for theis great opportunity that I can u...

$32,812 Raised 47%

Goal $70,500

House Burned


Good day, am living a lifr that i never thought

$31,417 Raised 24%

Goal $130,800

Pet Cancer Surgery


Hello, good hearts people. I am writing to inform you all that my cat called Mar...

$6,672 Raised 67%

Goal $10,000

Internship program in China


Hello everyone! By July 15th, Am to travel to begin my internship studies abroad...

$12,130 Raised 81%

Goal $15,050

Medical Surgery Proceedures

Francis Wany

This is Francis W, writing on behslf of James Akwa who's hospitalised. As you al...

$8,505 Raised 9%

Goal $100,000






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